celebrate your tribemates' newest tribe member
celebrate your tribemates' newest tribe member
celebrate your tribemates' newest tribe member

For employers with a sincere interest in cultivating authentic relationships with employees, celebrating your new parents is one of the smartest and simplest things you can do. Sometimes, however, it can be a challenge figuring out the right gift because the world of 'baby stuff' is, well, confusing.

that’s where we come in

With over 20 years’ experience,

we've become experts at helping companies celebrate their new parents in a way that is:

Consistent (everyone receives the same gift)
Predictable (know exactly what each gift contains)
Easy to manage (just 3 clicks and you’re done)

"In most cases, this is not an additional spend. Most employers are already expensing baby gifts even though they have no idea what’s being sent”
- Karen Helburn, Owner|Founder

loyal workforce

There’s no doubt,

employees who feel valued and recognized are more likely to succeed at their job and less likely to look elsewhere for employment.

Not fun fact: According to a 2016 SHRM study, every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6-9 months of that salary.

How Our Corporate Program Works

1. connect with our team
2. order as needed
3. become the office hero

Our 'No Commitment,' Commitment

Pay only for what you order. No minimums. No contracts.

Take your first steps?

Fill out this simple form and one of our talented experts will reach out to discuss options, pricing, and next steps. We can work within your budget to design the perfect gift. Or if you prefer, drop us a line 203.453.2229

"Oldcastle Architectural , Inc. has been using Just Hatched since 2007 to provide ‘New Baby Welcome Wagons’ to our expecting parents. These wagons are adorable! Ordering is super easy and recipients are always thrilled with the baby wagon and its contents. The care and thought put into the gift makes employees and their spouses feel very special and lets them know how much Oldcastle cares."

Oldcastle Architectural

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for such an amazing company. The baby gifts are fantastic and will go to good use, and the time off is very appreciated as well.  Please pass on to whomever chooses the gifts that the assortment of items is great and will be well used over the next year!"


"Truly the very best!! Just Hatched is always my go to for employee baby gifts. Ordering online is easy and their beautiful products and packaging always leaves a lasting impression."